3 thoughts on “Libertad osiagnelo 7 milionów odsłon

  1. Mogło być mieć jeszcze więcej. Świetna piosenka, klip mega, no i do tego Christian razem z Any 😉 Murowany sukces i hit 😀 Już jest 7,6 mln. Jak dla mnie zasługują na więcej.

    1. why your world is small this much Youtube ? OPEN TO USERS IN THE US, CANADA, BRAZIL, UK, ITALY, SPAIN AND FRANCE.Ahhh why is this youtube ??? why ?? you tube is for hall world… please open it to other countries too… Projectdirect will be the short film makers world cup !!!!!please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. AnonymousPoor Meg’s lip decision has been blasted for … what — ten years now? She’s different looking but far from excruciating to look at. She is also fifty years old. Appreciate her for what she is now and for the joy she’s given us for many years. One of my favorite scenes in any romantic comedy is her solo performance in Sleepless in Seattle when she is listening to the Tom Hanks’s son talking to the radio/psychologist. Meg would have been great in that scene with any lips. She was younger then, but so were we all.

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